An illusion of the senses

Our perception of the world is what structures our reality… But our perception of the world is far from being real. You want proof? …Magic.
Magic reminds us it is possible for our sense of reality to be misled. Magic teaches us to see things differently, to overturn our usual representation by placing the spectator in a situation in which our traditional markers waver.
In our approach, the magical effect isn’t used to astound but rather to question our senses, our perception, convictions, habits, truths, dogmas and limits.

 Magic becomes our dramatic resource. It unveils a tragicomic condition of mankind: its desire to dominate a reality it isn’t capable of truly perceiving. Only when there is a tragic human condition can the comical aspect exist. Comedy calls on our critical sense and soothes our fears. It also creates a distance, reminding us that in the end, things aren’t quite what they seem.

We seek to create theatre through which we can talk without being complacent. Which can be paradoxical without being unapproachable. Which can be popular without being populist, because collective intelligence coming from all types of audiences is much stronger than any « individual foolishness/bollocks».


Presentation and background

The Company Envol Distratto (former Teatro Distratto) has been active since 2001 with more than a thousand performances in theaters and festivals all over Europe (France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, etc.).

It is now located in Lyon (France). 
From 2001 to 2010, the work of the company was focused on clown and visual comedy. 
Since 2010, Envol Distratto has evolved around the questioning of our society and mixes theater with other techniques as digital arts and magic. " 

The performances are meant to be played in urban spaces, on the street or on stage.